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Filing an application

Steps to notification

1. Consultation

A consultation is required before every application. We shall be happy to advise you in person or by telephone. Please contact one of our funding consultants direct for an appointment or a telephone consultation. Consultation can clarify many questions in advance and shorten the processing time.
You can also bring an initial calculation to a consultation. We would be happy to discuss it with you. The FAQs also include important tips and specimen calculations for clarification.

2. Submission deadline

An application may be submitted at any time. There are no submission deadlines. The application must be submitted to the DFFF no later than six weeks before filming begins. Please inform the DFFF in good time if footage is to be secured in advance.

3. Application

The application must be submitted to the DFFF as one single punched copy. You will receive the application form by email from the funding consultants following a consultation. The original application form must be enclosed with the documents required, which include the costing sheet and the cultural characteristics test. You may select the format of the costing sheet at your discretion (DFFF costing sheet in Excel, Sesam, Movie Magic or Line Producer). It is important that calculation of the various costs can be audited verifiably.

Please number the annexes accordingly and enclose the script separately. The script may also be submitted in bound form.
We would point out that 75% of the finance need not be in place when the application is submitted, but only when notification of award of the grant is issued. Consequently, amendments may still be made until then. Please submit your application early!

If the binding agreement by the distributor, the calculation, the applicant’s reference or the cultural characteristics test are missing from the application, we regret we must reject it for formal reasons.

4. Audit of the application

Projects are handled consecutively by the funding consultants. This usually takes 4-8 weeks, depending on the application volume. Additional submissions may be made at any time during this period. You will receive an initial notification of grant regarding your project by e-mail. You will then have another opportunity to amend the disputed points.

5. Notification

When the project audit has been completed, you will receive notification of the grant. This will require all the requisite documents to be available and at least 75% of the finance (excluding the DFFF grant) to be in place. Your notification will contain all the important dates and deadlines to be observed. Please note that you are responsible for observing the deadlines and that you should submit the necessary evidence to the DFFF on your own initiative.