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Final audit

Stages of the final audit of your project

1. Preparation of the documents

Preparation for the final audit begins after issue of the grant notification at the latest. Please remember to inform your film management or project accounts department of the particular conditions and requirements in good time, so that allocation can be made to the correct account and costs allocated correctly from the outset.
Properly-classified documents can speed up the final audit.
Please therefore number all the vouchers and keep them ready for submission to the auditors.
The final audit of your project will be carried out by the auditors who already audit the highest grant by a federal state film-funding agency.
Should your finance not yet include a federal state grant, the registered office of the producer will be used as a basis.

2. Commencement of the final audit

If your project has been completed and is thus ready for audit, various documents must be sent to the DFFF and the auditors.
The final audit must begin no later than 12 months after completion of the answer print.
Please send the following documents to the DFFF, should they not yet be available to the DFFF:

  • Confirmation of completion of the final German version with the date of completion

  • Preview DVD to audit the characteristic test

  • Confirmation of the archiving of a German version of the film in the German Federal Archive

  • Confirmation by the distributor of a successful cinema release, including the number of prints

  • First and final daily reports

Please note that the order form for the final audit, which was received with your notification, should be sent directly to the auditors. The DFFF will then send the required documents from the file to the auditors so that a target-actual comparison can be compiled. In addition, the auditors require the following documents:

3. Audit of the final costs

The auditors will audit your costs and the vouchers, and will then issue an audit report, to be agreed with the DFFF.
The auditors will contact you should they require any further documents.
When the provisional report is finished, it will initially be agreed with the responsible funding consultant at the DFFF.

4. Receipt of the audit report

You will receive the agreed audit report from your auditors. If you approve the audit report, the final instalment can be paid. If you do not approve the report, please submit your objection and inform the DFFF briefly of the circumstances.

5. Payment of the final instalment

The DFFF will require the following letter for completion of the project and payment of the final instalment:

  • Declaration that you approve the audit report and will not submit an objection

  • Application for payment of the higher grant (only in the event of an increase)

  • Request for payment of the final instalment, stating the IBAN and BIC of the project account.

  • Notification of the export contribution to the FFA, Mrs Jule Wolff Exportbeitrag@ffa.de

Please note that assignment of the grant could affect the final instalment and inform the DFFF accordingly.

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